National chain-store gown
styles are comparable to many
of the DaVinci styles, but they
are more expensive than
DaVinci. Chain-store gowns
are often sold off-the-rack, and
may have been tried on, and
soiled or damaged, by many
other women before they are
offered to you to wear on your
special day. When you
purchase a DaVinci gown, the
first person to try on your
wedding gown will be you!
DaVinci bridal gowns are
available for viewing and fitting
at Sandy Ley Bridal and Floral,
ask about the one week
When you purchase your bridal
gown at Sandy Ley Bridal &
Floral, you and your bridal  
party will receive discounts.  

Purchase your gown and
receive discounts on:

Bridesmaids dresses
Mother of the bride dresses
Wedding floral

Ask about details.
Full Figured Bridal gowns
all sizes 0-30
All Sale Gowns are 50-70% OFF
While supplies last. Call 262-593-8086
Sandy Ley Bridal & Floral,LLC
Place an order, call 262-593-8086, for more
information, measurements are needed to
place order.
No returns, orders can not be cancelled once order has been placed with
manufacture. Shipping and handling charges will apply per order. No
international orders. Gowns are ordered per manufactures measurements.
No phone orders will be placed or shipped until orders are paid for in full.
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